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MINI MAGIC is the Exciting, New and Unique collaboration of Dance, Drama and Music sessions, delivered through a specially designed assembly.

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The Magical Theatrical World and Compelling Composition that is ‘Mini Magic’

‘Mini Magic’ is the latest and fun pre-school activity, with a balanced partnership of entertainment and education, meaning young children get the most out of the sessions!

Our classes encase all avenues of Theatre; magic, dance, song and literature, through movement, props and characters – brought together for an exciting magical journey!

'Mini Magic' is the original provider of Magic Classes for young children.  We also conduct parties, festivals and can be tailored to fit into children's educational needs, in all sectors.  Mini Magic has been designed and developed to give educational outcomes and entertainment benefits.  The team at Mini Magic have selected these exercises and works very specifically to enhance children's learning and house their enjoyment.

More About Mini Magic

Mini Magic LTD has been created by someone by one who is Mini, and someone who's literally Magic! Based in the North East of Scotland, Emma and Shaun have fused together their strengths to craft this unique Theatre Programme.

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Here's How It All Began…

Having worked extensively throughout the UK, Emma McIntosh has taught a spectrum of Theatre Practise disciplines: she and Shaun were able to collaborate minds to compile the enchanting world of what we see in ‘Mini Magic’.

Emma's wide spread experience of teaching, spans from some of the furthest north points in Scotland, down to the buzzing heart of the performing world – London. It is through having these experiences, that she has been able to channel all efforts into a devised class plan, which is unique and specifically designed to harness the nature of ‘Magic’, Theatre and Movement.

From a young age, Emma was fortunate to be exposed to all aspects of performing - shaping and enhancing her later career. To further validate why the success of ‘Mini Magic’ Emma has been specifically brought in to teach and train young children with additional needs in centres of Early Years establishments.

Above and beyond all, Emma has devoted many years of research and development, culminating the structure basis behind the class plan theory.

"There's Method In Our Magic…"

‘Mr Magic’ (Shaun) is the inspiration behind the Company...

Shaun McGrath, worked and toured professionally as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist and Magician from 1980-2000, under the stage name “Shon Paul” and was Ireland's youngest performing stage hypnotist, touring the British Isles broadly with his Cabaret Show.

Shaun is also an award winning actor, having appeared in highly-regarded Films and Television productions. He played a supporting role opposite Warren Clarke and Anthony Head for the BBC’s latest drama series “Invisibles” and was cast as the lead actor playing, 'Martin Davis' in Andrew Greener’s political thriller, “ENDGAME”- which was also Nominated for Kodak/BAFTA Showcase screening. It gained second place in the London TCM Classic Shorts competition. Shaun completed a BA (hons) Degree in Theatre Studies and went on to do a Post Graduate Teaching in Secondary Drama, for which Shaun has now spent over 17 years in the Scottish Educational capacity as an experienced Teacher/Lecturer of drama.

Shaun believes the superlative understanding of the art and craft of educational drama and its use will aid to make confident individuals, of all ages.

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As experienced teachers, both Emma and Shaun put these principles and structures foremost into the work scheme of ‘Mini Magic’.

Why People Choose Mini Magic

Experienced Teachers

Both Emma and Shaun put these principles and structures foremost into the work scheme of ‘Mini Magic’.

Dance, Music & Drama

Jam packed with thrilling theatre, perfect poetry, song, dance and of course, educational Magic!

Fun Learning

Designed around children for children, propelling their talents, ambitions and learning through educational Magic.

Mini Magic Classes

The educational child care programs in our center were designed to offer a comprehensive path to prepare your child for elementary school. Intense features developmentally appropriate programs with specialized curriculum for a variety of ages. Find the right path for your child here.

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Nurseries & Pre-Schools

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Functions & Festivals

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By incorporating Curriculum for Excellence Health and Wellbeing outcomes are delivered from the outset. From a programme concocted by Mini Magic - it is ensured that educational value is paramount in all that it contains...

Anne Duncan, Educational Specialist

Former Deputy Head Teacher and Moray Council Education Official

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